Feb 4-9, 2014: Atlanta

The American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS) is an association with a mission in fostering excellence in Clinical Neurophysiology and furthering the understanding of central and peripheral nervous system function, in health and disease, through education, research, and the provision of a forum for discussion and interaction. This year’s program will feature current scientific advances in Clinical Neurophysiology presented by leading field experts from around the world.

In the ACNS Exhibit Hall, Moberg will show the CNS Monitor, the only EEG system specifically designed for the needs of the ICU.   Only the CNS Monitor collects data from over 25 other monitoring and therapeutic devices and accurately synchronizes it in real time with quantitative EEG trends.  The CNS Monitor is a full-function video/EEG monitor with remote review of EEG and other physiology using Persyst software. 

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For meeting information, please visit: American Clinical Neurophysiology Society