June 11, 2014: Washington, D.C.

The SmartAmerica Challenge is a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow project with the goal to bring together research in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) from different sectors, such as Smart Manufacturing, Healthcare, Smart Energy, Intelligent Transportation and Disaster Response, to show tangible and measurable benefits to the US economy and the daily lives of Americans (www.smartamerica.org). Over 100 organizations have come together since December 2013 to launch 24 projects. Teams have worked over the past months to build systems, prototypes, pilots and products that demonstrate the capability of CPS to deliver socio-economic benefits to America. The Challenge will culminate with the SmartAmerica Expo on June 11, 2014 at the Washington DC Convention Center.

During the SmartAmerica Expo, Moberg will demonstrate the potential for CPS to save lives, reduce costs to healthcare and society, and create high tech job growth when the systems are employed to optimize care of persons with brain injuries. Moberg’s initiative would create and connect Smart Systems to optimize care by providing early diagnosis and treatment, context aware patient routing, and advanced individualized patient management. Connected systems would include emergency response, transportation grids, healthcare information systems, hospitals, medical devices, and “Smart ICUs.”

The event will include keynote speakers from the White House, including Todd Park, United States Chief Technology Officer, and speakers from government agencies, including GSA, DOT, DHS, HHS, DOD and DOC. Participants will demonstrate projects and technologies throughout the all-day event. Registration for the SmartAmerica Expo is free but required.

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