CNS Advanced ICU EEG Amplifier

The CNS Advanced ICU EEG Amplifier provides high-quality continuous EEG (cEEG) that can be interpreted in the context of concurrent physiology with the CNS Monitor.

CNS Advanced ICU Amplifier

High-quality Continuous ICU EEG Monitoring

Designed specifically for the ICU, this DC-Coupled amplifier enables continuous EEG recording and processing of a standard 10-20 montage. Collect high-quality EEG for clinical and advanced research applications.


Processed EEG
View continuous, processed EEG at the bedside or remotely.
  • Versatile DC-Coupled amplifier with fast settling time, high dynamic range and high common mode rejection ratio for high-quality, continuous ICU monitoring
  • 33 DC-Coupled referential inputs
    • 24 inputs for scalp electrodes (including reference)
    • 9 inputs for additional channels or emerging applications (including reference)
  • Four dedicated true-differential inputs for EEG or other physiological signals (e.g. ECG, EOG, EMG, Respiration, etc.)
  • Continuous independent impedance checking to verify electrode connection integrity (can be disabled by user)

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.