CNS Multimodal Database

The CNS Multimodal Database (MMDB) is a central database for your CNS Monitor data that provides powerful data management and query tools.

CNS Multimodal Database

Simplify analysis with the CNS Multimodal Database

Perform complex queries on a comprehensive database of physiological and phenotypic patient data.

CNS MMDB Features

  • Create a database of multimodal trend data from CNS Monitors
  • Add phenotypic data using customizable forms
  • Search using SQL tools
  • Apply NINDS TBI Common Data Elements to physiologic data
  • User-friendly web browser interface
  • Export data for analysis with Excel or statistical software packages
CNS Multimodal Database

Apply TBI Common Data Elements

Easily manage and search data

CNS MMDB facilitates data management and analysis. Conduct complex searches on your complete data repository. Calculate summary statistics for search results (minimum, maximum, mean, median, standard deviation, median absolute deviation). Analyze data output files with Excel or statistical software packages.

Meet TBI Research Requirements

CNS MMDB helps you meet the requirements of NIH-supported human traumatic brain injury research by applying NINDS TBI Common Data Elements to your data.