CNS Video Camera

Complement your continuous EEG recording with this camera designed for low-light environments.

CNS Video Camera

Enhance your continuous EEG monitoring by adding video

Designed for the ICU, this video camera provides high-quality recordings even in dimly lit environments. Complement the information collected through continuous EEG monitoring.


PTZ-300 Camera


  • On-screen controls enable adjusting of pan, tilt, and zoom from the CNS Monitor
  • Configurable settings ensure optimal picture in a variety of lighting conditions
  • Infrared illuminator accessory allows better subject visibility in low-light environments
VID-300 Camera
VID-350 Camera


  • Mounted on a flexible arm to provide convenient adjusting of viewing position
  • Adjustable zoom, focus and aperture of the camera lens to optimize picture
  • High sensitivity sensor allows operation in low-light environments

*PTZ-300/350 only available in the US.

Continuous EEG with video
View continuous EEG along with video, at the bedside or remotely.