The modular design of the Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS) makes it easy to configure for a wide range of research applications involving data collection and integration.

System Configuration

Configurations can be stored for quick adaptation to specific monitoring procedures or the preferences of a particular user.

Review & Analysis

The Component Neuromonitoring System offers several options for review and analysis. CNS Monitor recordings can be archived and converted into other formats including Matlab™ format for computational data analysis and plain text format for importing into spreadsheets and statistical software (such as Excel, SPSS, etc.). Data collected with the Component Neuromonitoring System can also be analyzed with ICM+ software from Cambridge University.

Read more about review and analysis of CNS Monitor data.

Another tool, the CNS Multimodal Database (MMDB), enables complex searches on physiologic and phenotypic information and it includes NINDS Common Data Elements templates.

Read more about the CNS Multimodal Database.

Customization and Research Services

Moberg Research, Inc. can provide the following services to customize our products to your needs:

  • Customization of product options and configurations to match your study goals
  • Development of interfaces to special purpose research instruments
  • Implementation of your monitoring or study protocol as a series of graphical steps, embedded into the monitor to increase study compliance
  • Assistance with data analysis including development of MATLAB applications customized to your research
  • PDF instructions and documents loaded into the monitor as references for research personnel during a study

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